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Commercial Law

Every business is different and we provide tailored legal service suited for your business neds. 


Commercial agreements and contracts can often be quite complex and confusing and various terms and conditions are commonly misinterpreted giving rise to disputes, losses and/or other consequences. The team at VSTAR lawyers and Consultants have extensive experience in preparing, negotiating, reviewing and executing various commercial agreements and contracts, including but not limited to partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, trust deeds, franchise agreements, loan and security agreements and more.

We offer comprehensive legal advice that is tailored to our client’s individual needs. VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants will always act in the best interests of our clients so as to ensure that they get the maximum possible benefit.


Disputes in commercial transactions occur quite frequently and more often than not these disputes originate form contractual agreements. The team at VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants are well versed and experienced in not only preparing and drafting contractual agreements but also ensuring enforcement of the terms and conditions associated therein. We frequently assist our clients in mediations, negotiations and litigation, however VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants have a well-regarded reputation of settling the majority of matters before they get to court, this often saves our clients thousands of dollars in court fees and gives them peace of mind.

You can be confident that you interests are in the safest of hands and that the team here at VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.


VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants can provide you with professional, in-depth and timely advice on a range of commercial matters. We are a results driven practice and thrive on achieving only the best for all our clients whether they be individuals, small businesses or multinational corporations.
Our team has the ability and experience to provide cost effective and accurate professional advice for all commercial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Business Sales, Purchases And Leases;

  • Business Structures, Including Risk And Compliance Issues;

  • Intellectual Property;

  • Franchising;

  • Commercial Contracts And Agreements;

  • Asset Protection; And

  • Disputes Including Mediation And Litigation.

VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants remain actively involved with all clients, so that not only can we better appreciate and understand your business, but also to give you the added benefit and satisfaction of knowing that we will deliver specific and tailored commercial advice based on the needs and interests of your specific business.


Franchising is increasingly gaining popularity in Australia and most of us have some sort of interaction with a franchise each day. VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants have a wealth of experience in providing accurate, timely and processional legal advice to both franchisors and franchisees. We frequently prepare, review and advise our clients on franchise agreements, disclosure statements and various franchise models as well assisting our clients with purchase and selling of franchise businesses.
In addition to providing legal advice on the protection of intellectual trademarks and properties relating to their businesses as well as enforcement of those rights, VSTAR Lawyers and Consultant also provide valuable legal advice in relation to defending any claims arising out of potential breaches of intellectual property.


It is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various business structures when considering starting your business. It is a common misconception that a specific structure may be suited to you simply because it works for someone else. VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants can provide comprehensive and tailored advice regarding suitable structures based on your individual needs and objectives. We provide professional legal advice on issues such as registration, compliance, tax and asset protection for all structures, including:

  • Sole Traders;

  • Partnerships;

  • Companies; And

  • Trusts, Including Fixed Trusts, Unit Trusts, Discretionary (Family) Trusts, Bare Trusts, Hybrid Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Charitable Trusts And Superannuation Trusts).

VSTAR Lawyers and Consultants not only identify potential risks but also guide our clients in managing those risks so as to protect the interests of their business.

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